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We pride ourselves on the level of service we provide. We care about what it takes to keep customers and their communities happy and it shows. Feel free to read the many ways we have helped our clients in their own words. We know you will feel the same way once you become part of the family.

Keep Friends, Family And Loved Ones Connected Every Week
With No Extra Effort from You or Your Team!

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Family Informed expands and strengthens your community inside your facility and beyond. Using communication tools that everyone uses - social media and email - family and friends easily stay informed about all the events, workshops and special celebrations happening with your residents.

Connecting Your Community
through the Power of Social Media & Email

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Osborn understands that your community extends beyond the residents and staff in your building – it includes the united family of residents, loved ones, and caregivers. Because of this, we created Family Informed - a social media package that invigorates your community with deeper levels of communication and interaction.

Don’t Have a Facebook Page? Need More Content to Share? No Problem! Our Family Informed Team is Here for YOU!

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Our Family Informed Team takes the pressure off of you! Let’s face it - managing social media accounts, creating and sending emails, and building online communities is time-consuming. This is valuable time that you need as a caregiver and as an administrator in order to give your residents and staff the best experience possible. Our Team will set up your social media accounts, post on these accounts about the great events and celebrations happening in your community and also share this information via weekly emails. No problem!

We Make it easy
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Bring Your Community To Life!

Find out how Osborn Vision can help you build a connected and enriched community
with very little effort from you and at a very low price.

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Modernize your community with the Vision+Plus Community Messaging Service! Osborn creates exciting and engaging content for you and streams it to your community via High Definition Displays, weekly emails and social media.

You provide the calendar, we provide a connected community of family, friends and staff.

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